The beginner’s guide to Movn

What's Movn?

Launched in 2022 and continuously evolving, Movn is a mobile application designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Similar to the App Store or Google Play, it offers a catalog of apps dedicated to sports, well-being, and health, earning it the title of a "Super-App."

for Athletes

Movn streamlines the lives of athletes by consolidating all their needs into a single app. Through the Movn Store, you can install and use your preferred apps without limitations. Movn also incorporates features such as the Fit Index and Wallet.

for Business

Sports businesses can easily create their own apps within Movn in just minutes, without coding. Starting in the fall of 2023, the Movn Builder will provide pre-designed features for coaches, gyms, sports clubs, tournament organizers, and other sports-related entities to build and offer their apps to Movn users.

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