[Fit Index] How to activate it?

Fit Index connects to your device's Health app. To activate it, simply allow the Movn app to collect your health data, and there are two very simple ways to activate it:

  • During your first connection
  • At any time within the Movn app

Note: The Fit Index must be activated and connected to your health data for all apps that reward your physical activity, such as Walk&Collect, Move-To-Earn, Walk&Collect Pro Edition, etc.

During your first connection

Once the app is installed and your account is created, the screen below will appear, giving you the option to allow or decline the collection of your health data.

For iOS

Tap "Turn On All" to activate the collection of all the following elements:

  • Active Energy
  • Exercise Minutes
  • Steps
  • Walking + Running Distance

At any time within Movn

If you declined the synchronization between Movn and your Health app during your initial login, you can authorize it at any time.

1/ On the app's main screen, Tap on Fit Index.

2/ Tap the "Google Fit" or "Apple Health" button on your phone to access Fit Index data:

  • Google Fit for Android devices.
  • Apple Health for iPhone & iPad.

3/ At this point, simply tap "Update" to display the authorization or decline screen.

How can I check if my Fit Index is activated?

At any time, from your phone, you can verify if Movn is connecting to your health data.

  • For iOS: Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > Movn > "Turn On All"
  • For Android: Profile > Settings > Manage Connected Apps. You should see Movn listed under your connected apps.
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